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Paw Print Soap

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Get ready to indulge in the paw-fect bathing experience with our Handmade Paw Print Soaps! We are thrilled to introduce a collection of three irresistible scents that will elevate your shower time to new levels of relaxation and delight. The paw print soaps come in 3 different scents:

🐾 Lavender & Cedar: Soothe your senses with the calming aroma of lavender combined with the earthy notes of cedar. This enchanting scent will transport you to a serene oasis, washing away the stresses of the day.

🐾 Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: Indulge in a comforting blend of natural ingredients that nourish and pamper your skin. The sweet scent of honey, combined with the soothing properties of oatmeal and milk, creates a luscious bathing experience you won't soon forget.

🐾 Cucmber & Green Tea: Energize your senses with the invigorating burst of fresh cucumber and green tea. This vibrant scent will awaken your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day.

What makes our Handmade Paw Print Soaps truly special:

🐾 Unique Paw Print Design: Each soap is meticulously handcrafted with love and care, featuring an adorable paw print on the surface. It's a charming reminder of our furry friends and adds a touch of whimsy to your daily routine.

🐾Skin-Loving Ingredients: We believe in providing the best for your skin. Our soaps are made from high-quality, natural ingredients that nourish, moisturize, and gently cleanse, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and pampered.

🐾 Handmade with Passion: Our soaps are lovingly handcrafted in small batches, ensuring attention to detail and exceptional quality. We take pride in delivering a product that brings joy and indulgence to your bathing rituals.

🐾 A Thoughtful Gift: Searching for the perfect gift for a pet lover or someone who appreciates luxurious self-care? Look no further! Our Handmade Paw Print Soaps make a thoughtful and unique gift that will surely delight the recipient.

Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate sensory experience. Elevate your bathing routine with our Handmade Paw Print Soaps and immerse yourself in the enticing scents that celebrate the bond between humans and animals. 

Ships in 24 hours. Arrives in 4 business days.

Dimensions: 2.5" by 2.5"

Scent: Lavender & Cedar; Oatmeal, Milk & Honey; Sweet Citrus

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