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Lend an extra cozy dog themed layer to any area of your home with this charming dog print blanket! Featuring a colorful dog print on a blue backdrop, this dog print fleece blanket has a plush construction for a lusciously soft and comfy feel. Perfect for when you're feeling chilly, it drapes around you softly and brings warmth to the couch snuggles with your pup. The adorable print consolidates your image as a dog person and adds a personal touch to your home essentials. Use it in the living room to curl up with your favorite pup and a cup of tea, or drape it over the back of an armchair for a casual dog inspired look. Wherever you place it, it brings warmth, comfort and dog themed cuteness to your space.

Machine washable, it is easy to keep this dog print throw fresh, clean and looking like new.

Ships in 24 hours. Arrives in 4 business days.

Size: 50" by 75"

Material: Microfiber Polyester

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