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Paw Print Vent Diffuser

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Give your commute a paw-some makeover with this paw car vent diffuser! Shipped with four essential oils and 8 refill pads, this dog car freshener eliminates odors that linger around in your car's fabric and vents. The perfect novelty gift for dog lovers, it features a paw print showcasing your love of animals. It blocks and eliminates all those smells built up from your longest, road trip days and infuses your commute with refreshing and soothing scents that will make any commute much more enjoyable.

Package includes a stainless steel paw car vent diffuser with 4 different essential oils and 8 refill pads.

Ships in 24 hours. Arrives in 4 business days.

Dimensions: 1" Diameter

Material: Stainless Steel; 5ml Bottle of Lavender, Peppermint, Inner Calm and Zen Scents; 8 Diffuser Refill Pads

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Gift Wrap Available

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